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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Holy Fire Part 2: Indigo

* "The Holy Fire Part 1: Michael" was written back in February 2010. To reference it, please see the February files.

"Indigo Children is pseudo-scientific label given to children who claimed to posses special, unusual and/or supernatural traits or abilities. This belief is based on New Age concepts developed in the 1970s by Nancy Ann Tappa. These beliefs range from their being the next stage in human evolution or possessing paranormal abilities such as telepathy to the belief that they are simply more empathic and creative than their peers." - Wikipedia

"Pardon" I asked as I looked from Kelli and Drew and back again.

"An Indigo" Kelli said again.

My ass burned as I shifted my body back and forth on the floor by the fire. My mind was racing. My emotions were exhausted. What was happening to me? Why don't I have a say in all this, and by the by, what the hell is an Indigo?

"I don't know what that... is" I said aloud to my dear friends.

"There is theory," Kelli said patiently as she gazed across her cards. She rose her head and looked into the fire. Jumping flames reflected in her irises as she gathered her thoughts to explain to me what she was talking about. "Have you ever heard of the 'Age of Aquarius'?" she asked Drew and me.

I looked down at my Aquarius tattoo on my lower, right arm. I got it few years earlier. I remembered the day I got the tattoo. I wanted it because it was my sign. I wanted it because tattoos are cool. I wanted it because I thought it would make me look like a badass. Now, I forget I even have it. Visions of hippies dancing through flowered fields raced through my thoughts. A generation of people that seemed so far off from my own generation (Generation X) that rocked out to bands like Nirvana and Metallica, and I giggled. "You mean like that song by the 5th Dimension?" I asked as I rubbed my tattoo with my left hand.

"Well, yeah... kind of..." Kelli said back.

"What? I was joking about the song, but seriously... what?"

Kelli continued with the "Indigo Theory" as she understood it. As most astrological calendars go, in January you have Capricorn, then by mid January you have Aquarius, then by mid February, Aquarius goes into Pisces, and so forth. I'm sure everyone is very well aware of his or her own sign, knowing what his or her good traits are, and knowing what his or her bad traits are. I'm sure all of us, at one point or another, have read our horoscopes (I on a daily basis), and have wondered if there really is any truth to this whole astrological thing or not. With the world's movement, instead of going from Capricorn to Aquarius to Pisces, etc, it goes backwards from Pisces to Aquarius to Capricorn. So as it stands now, we're in the Age of Pisces.

According to Astrologers, the Age of Pisces has been around for about 2000 years, and 2000 years ago, according to legend, a man named Jesus was born and scarified (let's face it, his death was oh so Pagan). Jesus, throughout history, has developed a fish sign. We've all seen them on the back of cars or on billboards at churches. Pisces= fish... or the Age of Fish. I don't want to give Jesus a bad wrap, nor am I trying to change anyone's mind on his or her own religious beliefs. In fact, I think Jesus was pretty rad guy. He was super hippie. He was radically rebellious, and honestly in my opinion, he was nothing like the way the church portrays him to have been today. But astrologically, the Age of Pisces is an age of the fundamentalism. Some dude, 2000 years or so ago taught the world not to judge. Healed the sick just by his touch (a common ability amongst paranormal people today). Walked on water (another ability some paranormals have today), and opened up a new type of spirituality that was never supposed to be a religion. A spirituality where mediums weren't banned from churches, but welcomed as someone with a gift from God. A spirituality that studied the stars like in astrology (remember, by reading the stars (astrology) Jesus' birth was predicted). A man that said anyone can have a relationship with God. A man that said no man was better than the other. He created a spirituality that introduced us to tarot cards, and understanding that God lived in all of us, and in being the case, we're more than just physical beings. But as the story goes, man got greedy, and if Jesus was alive today, I think he would take one look at the state of the church and say, "Sooo NOT what I meant, guys." Fundamentalism took over. The church became one of the most hateful institutions to ever exist on this earth. With the Age of Pisces, we got the crusades, we got the Salem Witch Trials, we got the Holocaust, we got people blowing up abortion clinics, and places like Westboro Baptist Church who send their people out to with signs of hate promising God's wraith. I believe it was John Adams who once said, "There are two ways to control a nation, one is by debt and the other is by the sword." Well, John, I think you forgot a third one. Religion. As the Age of Pisces moved on, Chirstanity has become the front runner to control the masses. Despite it all, there were good things to happen in this age, like the Industrial Revolution, but spiritually and emotionally, it's been a very draining 2000 years.

In this time period, a group of people were born. Some were as famous as Joan of Arc, others were born in a group like that of the Hippie Movement or "Flower Children". These are people who have challenged and continue to challenge the teaches of the church, and have personality very drastic to the mainstream. Most of these people you wont find in fraternity or sorority house. Most of these people will not be CEOs of companies. Most of these people have extreme paranormal abilities, and most of these people, as of today, were born in the late 1970s to the early 1980s. A lot of these people are artist, and a lot of these people are what the world considers "weird." These people lives scare most. These people are known as Indigos, and I, as my friend, Kelli, read from her cards, I am one of them. A fate I had no control over.

Indigos are more than likely the children who were once diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or other learning disabilities even though they have very high IQs. They were the kids that the teachers did not know what to do with since their understanding came from a spiritual place and not an earthbound place. They are extremely self confident, and have a greater understanding of right and wrong. They are warriors for peace. They don't mind pissing people off if they know that person's ideas are hurtful even if the person him or herself doesn't understand how hurtful his or her ideas are. They are the people who can talk to the dead, and therefore, help others grieve in their losses. They are people who have visions regularly. They are people who the church has cast aside, even though Indigos are notorious for have an extreme faith in God. They are people who have lived many lives on this earth (old souls), but still the earth is not their home for they tend to not have any longings or ties to places or houses they grew up in. Socially, these people tend to have a lot of friends and are always drawing people in, but are ok alone, for they never feel alone. They're very creative and often see the world in a big picture instead of focusing on the daily details, and as the Age of Pisces comes to an end, the Indigos will be the front leaders in ending fundamentalism. As it is written in many religious text (including the Bible), these people will gladly go to war to tear down the old ways so the next generation of Crystal Children can bring in the Age of Aquarius, and with the Age of Aquarius, there will be a proper understanding of God. There will be peace, and as the song says, we will "let the sunshine in..."

"Wait! What's a Crystal Child?" I asked Kelli as she finished up her story about Indigos.

"Good Lord, girl! You've got a lot to learn. We'll save that for another day. For now you just need to know you're an Indigo," Kelli said laughing.

To be honest, though, this prophecy scared me. It is true, I never wanted a boring life. The idea of living in small town with nothing to do but go to the country club and raise babies always made my stomach turn as a child. I always imagined I would live in a Pent House in New York with tons of designer labels, nice toys, tons of friends, even more boyfriends, and a great career with tons of fantastic things to do. And most of what I wanted, I, in turn got. At 27 I've lived all over the world. I've had beautiful things, lots of great friend, and yes, many boyfriends. My life has never been boring (especially since I see dead people), but what God or the Universe (same thing really since God isn't mortal) has in store for me is even beyond my wildest dreams. No, I (as everyone else) am not entirely mortal, but as an Indigo, I naturally, as if specifically designed in my DNA by a force greater than myself, live my days more immortal. The Greeks called people like me "demigods," the Bible calls people like me "prophets," and astrology calls me an "Indigo," but at the end of the day, I'm just me... a paranormal girl in a not so paranormal world living my life greater than myself. This life is not lived by choice or chance, but rather, by fate and destiny. People often ask me what my faith is, and to me, faith is something someone believes in even when he or she cannot see it. I know there is a greater purpose for the world because I SEE the spirits walking among us, so that's not my faith, but my truth. My faith lies in the theory that I, like others, am an Indigo, and we have a job to do in this world. My fear lives in my own unknown. I don't know what tomorrow will bring for me, but I know that my battles will be far greater than the common man, and yes that scares the shit out of me at times. But in my dark days of fear, I know I am protected. I know that with Michael on my side, no demon will ever do more than just scratch me and no death threat received via this blog will ever come close to hurting me.

I got up to start my drive back to Atlanta with the knowledge that Kelli would fill me in on the whole Crystal thing another day.

"Oh! And Brice," Kelli said as she too got up from the fire. "There's a man that's coming."

"A man, like a boyfriend?" I asked.

"I... umm.. don't really know what the nature of your relationship will be. I don't think that's actually been decided yet, but this man will be very important to you and your journey. You'll meet him soon. Maybe April? (Remember this all happened in February of 2010). But... you wont get close until August."

"Ok." I responded.

"But Brice... this person is really important to you. Take him seriously. Let him in. Your heart is a bit closed at the moment. Open it to him."

"I will," I said a little stumped as we all three walked to her back door.

"Oh... and I have something for you," Kelli said as pulled out a tinny crystal. She placed the crystal in the palm of my right and wrapped my fingers around it with her own, She held the crystal in my hand for a minute as she took a deep. "Write a book," she said with her eyes still closed.

I started to laugh. I always wanted to write a book, but I had buried that dream a long time ago. As writer, I thought my career would continue to lead me down the road of tele and screenplays. "About what?" I asked.

"You," she said smiling back at me.

As I drove back to Atlanta, I was extremely bewilder by everything. The day brought an angel named Michael, a prophecy about Indigos, the promise of some man, and the journey of writing a book. No, my life is nothing what I though it would be, and anything but boring.

So, the next time you hear the "The Age of Aquarius" on your oldies station, you, like me, will pay more attention to the words because maybe... just maybe... the 5th Dimension was on to something great.

*For more information about readings with Kelli please visit her website at www.mamakelli.com

**This blog is in no way intended to change anyone's way of believing. It is an account of all things that have happened to the writer of the blog and is not meant to upset anyone.